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Alt.Binz PayPal donation link
« on: August 29, 2007, 05:28:09 PM »
[23th April 2009]
To gain access to contributors section (and to new versions) you must donate 17€ (17 Euros).
Please, fill out Comment field(Instructions to merchant) on paypal page with your forum username.

1. You will not share alt.binz account with anyone else.
2. You will not share your copy of alt.binz with anyone (your copy only works with your account and no one elses)
3. You're allowed to use it at 3 computers max.
4. Security of your alt.binz account is your responsibility. Any hijacking is your fault.
5. Running trojan versions from usenet usually ends up in breaking rule 4

Breaking any of those rules will result in loosing your alt.binz account.

With PayPal account

Without PayPal account

If you have donated but still not added to contributors group, read this:

If you have started various "cracked" versions of "Alt.Binz" - read this And don't bother registering or donating. Your account will be deleted.
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German translation
French translation

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