Author Topic: 0.25.0: alt.binz hangs when trying to decode a file with a name that is too long  (Read 4202 times)


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I downloaded a par2 file, and the program got stuck at decoding. I left it along for a long time (still less than 30 minutes) and came back.

I checked the log and it said that the filename was too long. There were quite a few entries for the same file. I also noticed that 99% of my processor was in use, so I opened the task manager and found that alt.binz was using over 400 MB of ram and ~99% of the processor.

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So the filename (full path) was too long?  Plenty of ways around that, depending on how you're naming folders.

Later versions are better at handling this. :)


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I believe something related to this was fixed in one of the more recent builds. 0.26.smth if I'm not mistaken...
Alt.Binz has come a long way since 0.25.0 ;)