Author Topic: Execute command not working with manual unrar and Execute command and samples  (Read 2784 times)

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I use a default execute command for all items in the queue but it is not called when I use manual unrar.

Example scenario where i noticed this:
- All my downloads are downloading fine and par2 sets are being checked and unrar starts like it should
- At that time i have no enough space on my unrar drive and unrar will fail.
- I then clear some space and choose the manual unrar in the par2 tab
- Execute command is not called in this case

the other problem with Exectue commands are samples and the time the command is called:

Example scenario (different download and unrar dirs):
- Import as paused samples is checked
- A new item is queued but the sample has not "sample" in it and is not detected by altbinz, so it is not paused
- the sample get added as last item in the queue
- download (of rars) finishes while sample is still in the queue
- unrar starts and finishes while sample is still being downloaded
- Execute command is called and any delete or modify attempt to work with sample fails (in my case i make some action on the download dir and then delete it with the command)

I have multiple suggestions to fix this problem:
- a better sample detection (maybe if there are multiple rars in a collection a video file is asumed as a sample)
- move videofiles to top option (in that case the execute command will always be called after the sample was downloaded)
- import as paused with custom file extentions like the move to unrar thing
- wait for execute comand to be called until no movement is in the queue item