Author Topic: PAR2 does not fix misnamed files  (Read 10313 times)

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PAR2 does not fix misnamed files
« on: May 19, 2007, 03:29:24 AM »
ABZ correctly identifies misnamed files, but does not correct their names. As a result, while ABZ says that 100% of files are OK (in the PAR2 tab, all files are marked green and show the correct file name), but the unrar process fails. When starting the same PAR2 file with QuickPar, all misnamed files are renamed correctly.

I have made a small test post (9 files, 8MB total) to illustrate this bug. The headers of the post in alt.binaries.test are

Test Post for ABZ - Renaming Bug

I have manually renamed the third file, but left its content and everything else untouched. Using build 0.24.2.


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PAR2 does not fix misnamed files
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2007, 01:12:34 PM »
Repair also fails in this way...

On PAR2-tab, some files can be displayed as being without problems, but when Repair is running, is fails, due to misspelled filenames (since ABZ is adding x to the end of the extension, ie. r28x instead of r28).

Using QuickPar instead, it finds the two .r28's, will automatically use the correct one (without errors), and notices that the file has a wrong name.

(build 0.24.6)