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Bitdefender issue
« on: February 14, 2023, 08:21:41 PM »
Not sure where to put this as it's actually not an altbinz issue, rather a Bitdefender one.

Last night I had a long queue running, only to find my pc shutdown in the morning without having finished the files, about 20% were done. I couldn't log into altbinz anymore, Username/password were not accepted, it kept retrying.

Changed password --> no go
Tried many other versions --> no go
Deleted config.abz --> no go
Copied C:\Users\Anwender\AppData\Local\Alt Binz-folder from my other PC where it all worked fine --> no go

Tried the freeware version 0.25 --> would not connect to my newshosting account!

This is where I started THINKING a bit, rare occasion.  8)
I went to my security setting and found out Bitdefender had disabled altbinz from my whitelist, well yeah, re-enabling it did the job.

Hope this helps somebody someday.

altbinz v0.47.3.6
Windows 10
x64 system
BITDEFENDER Total Security v26.0.32.123