Author Topic: Clicking scheduler boxes very repetitive  (Read 7210 times)

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Clicking scheduler boxes very repetitive
« on: January 28, 2008, 07:30:50 AM »

I am often going into the schedule options to change the download speed or turn off downloading altogether during peak hours or toward the end of the month where I need to slow down the downloads to avoid being speed limited by my ISP. Or to set it to 50% so that I don't annoy my housemate too much, and then when he goes out, put it back to 100% (no limit).

Can the clicking on the hourly boxes in scheduler be changed to a click-and-drag painting motion to copy the current speed setting? Rather than clicking 5 times on each box to take it from full speed to 50% for example 50 boxes that equals 250 mouse clicks and I fear this will cause repetitive strain injury (kind of joking but serious).

Suggestion: I would like to click 5 times on one box and on the 5th click hold down the mouse and copy that setting to any other box by "painting" the boxes. Utorrent works in this way if you need to see it in action. Also shift/alt/ctrl modifiers could be used to either copy the current selected box or set the selected box to "no download" instead of having to click it back up to 100% and paint. That would be great.

Thanks, great program.

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Re: Clicking scheduler boxes very repetitive
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2008, 10:26:58 PM »

New options:

click-n-drag 'paints' other boxes
shift+click->No limit
ctrl+click->No downloading


Much more natural behaviour while working with it, bigger, translation is complete now.