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Various UI Stuff
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:38:19 am »
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theone99 is absolutely right in my opinion - for me, there's no need for any fancy skins, because they all look ugly anyway (but that's a matter of personal taste, of course). However, the skins do make the user interface slower and they take a lot of development time, which could be better invested in real program features.

For me, the "Office2007" skin is the least disturbing and integrates more or less with the Windows 7 user interface.

The "Windows 7" skin does not look at all like Windows 7 by the way! I'd expect it to look like Windows 7 explorer windows, but there's a night and day difference, so I really don't know what this skin has to do with Windows 7.

So maybe there should be an option to turn off skinning at all? Or create a skin that really blends into the style of the operating system? Then, the program could look just as professional as the operating system and I think most users would appreciate that.

Also, it'd be really nice if 2 annoying issues could (finally) be fixed:

1) The "Notes" dialog should be modeless, so that it can stay open while using Alt.Binz. Having to close and reopen it all the time is a pita.

2) Right-clicking text in the notes dialog should give a standard context menu including "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste". Not including the standard actions in the context menu of text fields is bad user interface design and it's annoying for people who are used to using these actions.

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