Author Topic: [0.35.1] Parsing post name causes freeze  (Read 4712 times)

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[0.35.1] Parsing post name causes freeze
« on: February 10, 2011, 12:47:41 AM »
Well I think it's a problem with the post name parsing anyway. I tried this on 2 computers and my friend tried it on another connection, we are both using 0.35.1. Altbinz freezes on adding the files when searching in binsearch and mysterbin(and maybe others) from within altbinz

To reproduce:
Go to the binsearch tab in altbinz and search for: the man who invented soul (another post causing a similar freeze is: temptations emperors of soul)
ctrl+a to select all results
ctrl+d to download
altbinz freezes

The posts themselves are correct, nzb file created at the binsearch site imports and downloads 100% correct.

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Re: [0.35.1] Parsing post name causes freeze
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