Author Topic: 0.28.2 Major Crashing - Access Violation - Won't Load At All Now  (Read 8624 times)

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Left Alt.Binz latest version downloading something, pc had crashed and just black screen. Rebooted, tried opening it and immediately crashes. Tried downloading the version again and replacing exe - same. Tried unzipping to a new dir - same. Tried 0.28.1 - Same.

Am on Vista x64 Ultimate.


Any ideas?

Ok, so looked in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Alt.Binz...

Backed up and then deleted that folder, and it loads, but loads as if its the first time its loading, i.e. no queue/settings etc. What could be causing this? How can I resume my queue/downloads etc or get it back to normal just without whatever is making it crash?

Also, I dont seem to have a log file, only exceptions.log which doesnt have much info in it.

Ok bit more info...

I opened Alt.Binz (after removing the AppData folder), so it loads properly. Then one by one I copied over the .abz files that I backed up from the \misc folder. I ended up copying all of them over except the queue.abz and it loads OK and seems stable. All settings there (except server settings but that was easily added).

Still its a bit of a pain as I had a big queue that Ive forgotten what was on it, and it really is something that people should be aware of, and hopefully it can get fixed, no idea why its happening.

Final Edit: If it helps, I might have been downloading something along the lines of Far_Crysis_II-Razor1911... (don't want to incriminate myself because I wasnt doing anything illegal  8) )
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Re: 0.28.2 Major Crashing - Access Violation - Won't Load At All Now
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I've suffered from the pain of a corrupted queue a few times too.  It's punishing trying to rebuild it from the stored nzb's (and virtually impossible if you have the 'delete nzb's' feature set).

Now I just use Genie Backup Manager (Titan works good too or any other backup program that can backup open files using XP/Vista's Volume Shadow Copy feature) to backup the alt.binz queue file every 12 hours to a zip archive.  I've configured it to only save 4 old copies so I have a good balance of not using too much backup space, but also minimizing risk of automatically backing up a corrupted queue severalt times and overwriting all of my good versions without knowing.

This has saved my bacon 4 or 5 times now over the past year or so.  Genie uses .zip compatible archives, so if the queue does get corrupted, simply unzip to the alt.binz misc directory and restart the program, no problems at all.

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Re: 0.28.2 Major Crashing - Access Violation - Won't Load At All Now
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