Author Topic: Malwarebytes PREMIUM(!) V.3.3.x usage blocks using Alt.Binz - Issue & Solution  (Read 876 times)

Offline JonFox

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Neverending changing servers starting alt.binz CONTRIBUTORS version while running
Malwarebytes (MWBP) PREMIUM V3.3.1 with activated Real-Time Protection of Web Protection.

Every time BEFORE starting alt.binz CONTRIBUTORS version
DISABLE Web Protection in MWBP Settings (first option)
START alt.binz
ENABLE Web-Protection again and stay safe against further maybe-intruders.

Will become reported to MWB a.s.a.p. by myself.
Alt.binz developement is aware of this issue and has verified this MWBP-misbehaviour.

Further main actions will become told here when MWB-dev answers.

Healthy New Year all!

Offline keiner

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Using now Malwarebytes Premium TRIAL 3.4.4 without Issue.

Offline heyoldman

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I concur - no issues here with 3.4.4