Author Topic: Rename differently named parity files to same name so they can be used to repair  (Read 5106 times)

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As some people might be aware there are a few indexers, one in particular that renames all it's parity volumes differently.  This is due to the site obfuscating its posts to help prevent takedowns/dmca notices from being issued, or at least to delay them as long as possible.

Alt.binz cannot parse these differently named parity volumes through to par2cmdline, therefore, without significant manual intervention, these nzb files are not repaired.

I'm told that two of the most popular binary downloading programs: SAB and NZBGet can handle these differently named parity volumes by renaming the parity volumes to something different again.  I don't fully understand how they do it, or the scripts that they use, but I've clearly seen the log files and successful repairs without any manual intervention from users.

I know that rdl is very aware of this particular issue, as it affects one indexer in particular which I have a feeling quite a number of users would be using to get their nzb files.

As a comparison against other binary downloaders, for example: NZBGet uses the small .par2 to then rename all the par2 volume files before a repair takes place.  From what I am told, NZBGet has always worked liked this.

But for Alt.binz to work with these differently name parity volume files, users would have to manually rename the parity volumes, to the same name as the small .par2 before a par2 repair can occur either through Alt.Binz (using par2cmdline) or via 3rd parity parity repair tool like MultiPar.

I am fairly certain rdl is aware of what needs to happen, and as a suggestion he would have to rename the pars, to something, anything, before Alt.binz is able to do a parity repair.

The logical choice would be to use the same name as the small .par2, but as long as all the names are the same, they could even be, as an example: abc123.par2, abc123.vol00+01.par2, abc123.vol01+02.par2 etc.

As long as the parity volumes and the small par2 file all have the same name and are in the right format [name].volXX+YY.par2 they will work.

Finally, there is the one other issue of renaming an extracted obfuscated .mkv file and changing that to the same name as the nzb file name - this is a separate issue/feature request.

From my own research, manually renaming parity2 volumes, while a job is downloading, before a repair occurs will allow a repair to work correctly in Alt.Binz based on the obfuscated posts from the particular indexer who is causing this issue, but it's then a matter of either downloading parity volumes before the repair process is commenced.

One other thing which would be useful and that is recognising that [name].volXX-YY.par2 are also parity volumes which a completely separate poster is using.  Alt.Binz cannot detect these as parity volumes.  Alt.Binz doesn't recognise the "-" symbol between the volXX-YY, only if a "+" symbol is used.

I very much look forward to this feature being implemented as it has been an ongoing issue for many months now, and as I said at the start, rdl is very aware of the problem, we can only hope it gets fixed soon please.

Thanks and looking forward to a resolution please.  Regards.

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Thank you very much for adding these features!  :D