current version / build: v0.48.2.2
Posted on : 16-07-2006 at 10:43 by rdl
alt.binz 0.20.1

* fixed xpat bug introduced in 0.20
* hints are back on search tabs(gone when replaced edit fields with comboboxes)
+ if NL SS is down it will be visible
* fixed unnecessary calls to par2.exe
* fixed a bug with item disappearing from search combobox
* fixed problem with par2 repairing and space in path
* small improvment in disk usage
* fixed problem with files finishing <100% after unexpected end of program
* fixed problem with yenc decoding in some unussual cases
+ added Freespace panel on Statusbar
+ cfg file is now saved also after Setup form
+ added two more icons(statuses) in PAR2 tab so user will know when the repair is down & if the repair fails
+ option to uppercase broken files
+ option to disconnect while idle
+ option to cleanup after PAR2 repair (delete all *.1 files and all *.vol*.par2 files)
+ decoder thread is suspended if not enough free space (will be resumed after freeing space)
* improved the way program behaves on low free space
+ added drag'n'drop rearrangeing in PAR2 tab

U can get it here :