current version / build: v0.48.0.3
Posted on : 28-09-2006 at 18:32 by rdl
Alt.Binz 0.22.0 released

* fixed ETA/speed info when paused
* fixed Autopush Scheduler button not working
* fixed bug with pressing enter in combobox while searching
+ option to import sample.par2 as paused
+ added 'No results' string to binsearch
+ added option to delete NZB files after import
+ added option to add 'IMPORT' prefix to nzb after import
+ added number of unpaused/paused files to root node
+ multiserver support with retry count & retry delay (check forum, requests for more info)
+ option to invert ETA/speed and alt.binz ver. info
* fixed Newzleech search
* fixed nzbautoimporter (lookup is triggered every 60sec and if file is not opened by another process, file is moved to nzb dir and imported