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Welcome to the Alt.Binz Wiki!

Alt.Binz is a powerful binary newsreader for downloading and managing articles from Usenet. Checking the downloaded files, auto unpausing missing PAR2 blocks, repairing, and finally unraring them, are just a few options in this utility. Various usenet search engines are fully supported: browsing groups, searching for files and importing them for download has never been easier.

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All the basics are covered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Version History

Bug fixes, changes and new features are listed on the Alt.Binz Version History page. Note: the last public free version is 0.25.0. Access to later versions requires a donation via Paypal, which can be made using the Donate button on the Alt.Binz toolbar, or from the link on the main site here.

Basic Guide

Quick Start Guide

Start here for quick setup instructions.

Interface: Description

Detailed description of main UI elements.

Advanced Setup

Detailed description of Setup menus.

Using the Search Engines

Information on each search tab.

Advanced Features

Using RSS Feeds and Filters

Information on automatic downloading using RSS.

Execute Command on Completion

Guide to using the execute command function.

NZB Play

How to configure Alt.Binz to stream downloads to your player of choice.

mIRC Script

How to install and configure for use with mIRC.

Command Line Switches

How to run Alt.Binz with special startup options.

Optimizing Alt.Binz

How to use articles cache, set thread priorities and decoding parameters.

Running Alt.Binz on Linux

How to install and configure Alt.binz with wine.

Running Alt.Binz on MAC OS

Yep, it's possible with wine and/or crossover.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Some problems that may occur and how you can solve them

Alt.Binz Links