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  • Language: You can set your language on the botom of setup. (dansk, deutsch, english, francais, nederlands, romanian, spanish). New language files can always be found here: [1]


  • Default download dir: Set your default download dir here. All files will be downloaded to that folder before unraring. Note: All default dirs should be different!
  • Create subfolders based on NZB/root node name: Alt.Binz will download to 'default_download_dir\nzb_collection_name' (recommended)
  • Lowercase OK files: good files will be saved lowercased. (not recommended)
  • Uppercase corrupted files: Corrupted files will be saved uppercased (not recommended)
  • When incomplete, position parts on correct position in file (yenc only): Alt.Binz tries to position parts correctly (only yenc), when files are incomplete
  • Temporary folder: Set folder where Alt.binz should store files befor they become decoded. Note: All default dirs should be different!
  • Pause downloading
    • If free space on destination drive gets below xx MB: Alt.Binz will pause autom. if free space is below set value. (recommended)
  • Downloaded articles
    • Keep download history for last xx days: Alt.Binz saves info about downloaded files for xx days
    • Import already downloaded as paused Alt.Binz imports allready downloaded as paused, if downloaded in last xx days

Download #2

  • Article Caching
    • Maximum memory cache size xx MB: Caching depends on few parameters. Size of the file you usually download, your download speed, your decoding speed and available memory. Whole purpose is to prevent any article part from being written to your HDD. Usually a good start is 2 x the typical file size you download + 10%. Note: If you set your cache size to 220MB it DOESN'T mean that alt.binz will use 220MB. If needed it will use UP TO 220MB of memory for article part caching
    • Remove article stored in cache for more then xx minutes: Time after which files that are still in memory will be copied to your default temp dir. Usually a good start is 2x (time for your typical filesize + decode time) + 10%


  • Default NZB folder: Set your default NZB dir here. Nzbs will be exported to this folder. Note: All default dirs should be different!
  • Register NZB extention to Alt.Binz: When opening NZB files it will be done with Alt.Binz (recommended)
  • Import as paused on dbl click: NZBs will be imported as paused with a dbl click
  • Import as paused: Alt.Binz will import all chosen types as paused:
    • small par2 file: (not recommended)
    • sample par2 file:
    • par2 recovery files if size is larger then xx bytes: (recommended). Alt.Binz will unpause needed parts automatically. Usually this is set to 0. If you like to have Alt.Binz download some of the par2 files as default, you can do that by setting the size.
    • sample files:
    • nzb files:
    • nfo files:
  • Autoimport NZB files from folder: Alt.Binz will import NZBs from that folder automatically, just put them into that folder. Note: All default dirs should be different!
  • Delete newzbin msgid part from NZB name: msgid part from newzbin NZBs will be deleted
  • Replace underscore with space when importing NZB: Alt.Binz replaces underscores with space
  • Delete NZB file after importing: Alt.Binz deletes NZBs after importing. (recommended)
  • Add IMPORT prefix to NZB after importing: each imported file will get 'IMPORT' prefix
  • Merge collections with same name on import: NZBs with same names will be merged in queue. (recommended)

NZB #2

  • Move small par2 file in front of the queue: Alt.Binz will move small .par2 file in front of the queue, Alt.Binz can now start checking your download (recommended)
  • Move .nfo file in front of the queue: If you want to read nfo files as quick as possible, then activate this
  • Move .sfv file in front of the queue: Alt.Binz will move .svf file in front of the queue
  • Sort by subject while importing: Alt.Binz will sort by subject while importing
  • Sort rars while importing: all rar files will be sorted in the right order (rar, r00, r01, r02 ...)
  • Default execute command: If you want to set a default execute command, set it here (see also execute commands)


Servers menu description.


  • Enable Logging (recommended)
    • Maximum visible lines in Log tab: Set to number you prefer. Note this does not effect lines in your log files if you have log to file enabled.
    • Detailed logging: Turn on detailed logging if you experience a lot of failures. Normal logging should be enough in most cases.
    • Log to file: Alt.Binz will save all actions to alt.binz_dir\log (naming the files after the day) (recommended)
      • Keep log for previous xx days: Alt.Binz will delete older log files


  • Maximum download speed: Please set this right!. Throttler and scheduler, both need that value to calculate.

Note: it is Kbytes not Kbits (example 6000 Kbits /8 = 750 Kbytes)

  • Delay between connection retries: Do not change, until necessary
  • Global connection timeout: Do not change, until necessary
  • Xpat connection timeout: Do not change, until necessary
  • [423,430] Article not found/ [502]:
    • retry count: You can set here how often Alt.Binz will try to redownload parts if not found. Don't set this to high. Better set it to 0 and let Alt.Binz download par files to repair
    • delay betwen retries: xx minutes: Set time between retries here.
  • connected while idle: If you want to be connected while idle , activate it here.


Proxy menu description.

Hecks' part ;)


Setup sched.PNG

  • Powerful scheduler enabling you to setup exactly when to download and with what speed.
  • Note: 'Maximum download speed' in setup->connection must be set!
  • each square represents one hour
  • each left click on one square lowers speed about 10%
  • each right click increases speed about 10%
  • click-n-drag paints other squares
  • shift+click sets squares to no limit
  • ctrl+click sets squares to no downloading
  • you can set each square from 0% (no downloading) to 100% (no limit)
  • Scheduling becomes active after pressing the Scheduler button.png Button on the Main toolbar. If you don't want to use it, just deactivate it by pressing it again.
  • Note: an active scheduler overwrites speed limits and pausing


Alt.Binz will repair automatically if you want.

  • PAR2 checking: Activate if you want Alt.Binz to Check your downloads (recommended)
    • PAR2 repairing: Activate it and Alt.Binz will unpause needed parts and repair your download. (recommended)
      • Cleanup after PAR2 repair: After repairing Alt.Binz will delete all par2 files (they are not needed anymore). (recommended)
    • Delete par2 files: Alt.Binz will delete all par2 files when download is finished and complete (they are not needed anymore). (recommended)
    • Save PAR2 tab info on exit: Staus from all par2 sets will be saved on exit. (recommended)
      • Recheck all PAR2 sets on start: Alt.Binz will recheck all sets after restart. (they are not recommended)


  • AutoUnrar: Activate it and Alt.Binz will unrar your downloads. Note: download must have par2 file and par2 checking/repairing must be activated. (recommended)
  • Unrar to a different folder: If you want to unrar to a different folder than your default download dir then change it here
  • Create subfolder based on NZB name: Alt.Binz will unrar to a different subfolder based on NZB name
  • Create subfolder based on archive name: Alt.Binz will unrar to a different subfolder based on archive name
  • Overwrite existing files: existing files will be overwritten when extracting
  • Delete archives after successful unraring: rar files will be deleted after unraring. (recommended)
  • Delete *.sfv after successful unraring: sfv file will be delete after unraring (it is not needed anymore)
  • Delete *.md5 after successful unraring: md5 file will be delete after unraring (it is not needed anymore)
  • Delete empty folder after successful unraring: if download folder is empty after unraring i will be deleted.
  • Move to unrar folder:
    • Add new: You can add files you want to move to unrar dir yourself ( *.file_extention)
    • Delete: Remove one file type from the list
    • Select files you want to move by activating them in the list

Miscellaneous 1

  • Autosave queue
    • Autosave download queue every xx minutes: Click to autosave the queue (default = 1min).(recommended)
  • Age files in download queue every xx minutes: Age of files in queue will be calculated new every xx minutes
  • Age XPAT search results files every minute: Age of files in XPAT search result list will be calculated new every minute
  • Prompt for name when importing from search engines: Shows 'Entername dialogue' in search engines
  • Release name as default in Entername dialogue: default name in Entername dialogue will be release name (Use arrow-up to change between different parts of nzb name)
  • Case insensitive subject filters: all filters in all tabs will be case insensitive
  • Start
    • Autopush Connect button: Alt.Binz will start with Connect button pushed
    • Autopush version button: Alt.Binz will start with version button pushed
    • Autopush Pause button: Alt.Binz will start with pause button pushed
    • Autopush Scheduler button: Alt.Binz will start with scheduler button pushed, this will overwrite speed limit and autopush pause button.
    • Autopush RSS Timer button: Alt.Binz will start with RSS Timer button pushed
    • Speed Limit: Alt.Binz will start with a specific speed limit. (scheduler overwrites this). Better set scheduler and enable 'autopush scheduler button')
  • Cleanup
    • Download queue: Alt.Binz will remove all 100% collections
    • Par2 list: Alt.Binz will remove all green par2 sets
    • Auto cleanup every xx minutes: Setting this to higher than 0 will enable auto cleanup (0 = disabled). Note don't set this too low or it will eventually remove collections from queue before par2 files are downloaded

Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 2 description.

this will be done by Hecks :)

Miscellaneous 3

  • Clear history on program exit: Search strings will be cleared on program exit
  • Confirmation dialogs:
    • Show dialog on exit: Shows a dialog on exit, if you realy want to quit
    • show delete files dialog: Shows dialog, if you realy want to delet the file
    • show changed download folder dialog:Shows dialog, if your default download dir does not exist (maybe its location is on an external hdd and it is not on)

User Interface: Main

  • Display download queue NZB size in KB/MB/GB with 0/1/2 decimal places: Toggle Display mode for queue
  • Auto focus on main control in tabs: If activated, you can use hotkeys without clicking on tabs, just mouseover is enough.
  • Show drag handle in toolbars: You can now rearrange buttons etc in all search engines/RSS/Newsgroup/explorer
  • Show ETA/speed info in application caption: Shows estimated time when download will be finished and speed in application caption
  • Show ETA/speed info on taskbar: Shows estimated time when download will be finished and speed on taskbar
  • Invert ETA/speed and Alt.Binz ver. info: Inverts both displays
  • Invert ETA and speed: Inverts both displays
  • Minimize to tray: when clicking on minimize in Alt.Binz it will now minimize to tray
  • Minimize to tray on close: when closing Alt.Binz, it will be minimized to tray instead of beeing closed
  • Always show tray icon: Tray Icon will always be shown regardless if Alt.Binz is mimized or not
  • One click restores program from tray: Alt.Binz will be restored with only one click instead of dblclick
  • Display speed in tray: small bar will be shown left of tray icon displaying speed
  • tray balloon hints on complete downloads: Alt.Binz will show balloon hints after each finished download. Note: make sure you don't have deactivated balloon hints in Windows
  • Allow collection sort in download queue: If enabled collections can be sorted between themself. To do that, make sure no node is selected and then click on column to sort.
  • Auto Show/Hide connection panel: If enabled connection panel will only be shown if you are in download queue
  • Use dialogue when renaming collection/changing download or unrar dir: In each case alternate Dialogue will be used in download queue

User Interface: Tabs

User Interface (Tabs) menu description.

User Interface: Statusbar

User Interface (Statusbar) menu description

Newsleecher SuperSearch

Newsleecher SuperSearch menu description.