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version 0.28.5

  • fix: rss fix for & [1]
  • fix: browse unrar location [2]
  • fix: few visual bugs DPI related [3]
  • fix: few changes to execute command [4]
  • new feature: added NLSS & Newzbin to Global search [5]
  • new feature: ssl icon next to server name in connections list
  • fix: full system menu is now visible [6]
  • new feature: application icon changes color to reflect par2 repair/unrar state
  • fix: par2 tab stops working [7]

version 0.28.4

  • fix: Newzleech nfo [8]
  • fix: Decoding of >4GB files [9]
  • fix: Not resuming decoding after program restart

version 0.28.3

  • fix: fixed broken gzip support [10]
  • fix: Newzleech RSS fixed [11]
  • fix: NZBMatrix RSS fixed [12]
  • fix: fixed crash while loading corrupted queue file [13]
  • new feature: previous copy of queue file is kept and can be loaded when current queue file is corrupted
  • fix: Newzleech fixed [14]

version 0.28.2

  • fix: fixed Binsearch [15]
  • fix: up to date unrar.dll
  • new feature: gzip support enabled for rss and most search tabs
  • fix: Binsearch updated to 240 days

version 0.28.1

  • new feature: option to switch to exp/col instead of pause/unpause on dblclick (setup->UI) (default off) [16]
  • fix: no more 1min waiting between rss nzb downloads
  • fix: manual nzb rss download possibile while on rss timer
  • new feature: different icons while in tray when repairing or unraring [17]
  • fix: few changes/improvements in displaying collection/file status

version 0.28.0

  • fix: corrupt uuencoded files[18]
  • fix: Newzleech fetch collection missing last file [19]
  • fix: Newzleech/Binsearch view nfo [20]
  • fix: Binsearch rss feed [21]
  • new feature: Open IMDb link from Newzleech [22]
  • fix: Max thread limit set to 200 [23]
  • fix: left mouse dblclick on collection toggles pause state instead of expand/collapse
  • fix: problems with standbymode should be solved now
  • new feature: mouse button4 (back) toggles selected collection nodes expanded state

version 0.27.2

  • new feature: option to invert ETA and speed info [24]
  • fix: par2 files not importing as paused [25]
  • new feature: download & unrar folder links in tray menu [26]
  • fix: Download #2) (default off) [27]

version 0.27.1

  • new feature: %NZBSUBJECT variable in RSS download/unrar paths [28]
  • fix: NLSS tree freezing when processing results that are corrupted in SS databse
  • fix: cleanup of Newzleech results
  • new feature: backup of both queue.abz & queue.abz.tmp files if queue.abz.tmp is detected (which would indicate something went wrong last time the queue was saved)
  • new feature: in case of corrupt queue there is an dialog asking to try and load data from queue file anyway
  • fix: span things removed from subject
  • fix: dblclick on empty space would change last selected node paused state
  • new feature: dialog informing you download folder doesn't exist/ new one is set [29]
  • new feature: confirmation dialogs toggle (setup->Misc #3)
  • new feature: socks (4, 4a, 5) support for HTTP search engines [30]
  • fix: few setup->scheduler improvements [31]
  • new feature: new column ' Delete archives' in download queue

version 0.27.0

  • fix: improved icons
  • fix: small bug regarding running multiple instances [32]
  • new feature: button on the main toolbar to minimize to tray [33]
  • new feature: option to minimize to tray on close (setup->UI) (default off) [34]
  • fix: Aeton search fixed [35]
  • new feature: root node is expanded after collection info fetch [36]

version 0.26.9

  • fix: minor NZBindex bugs [37]
  • new feature: download queue toolbar can be hidden (right click->Toolbar visible)
  • new feature: menu items can be hidden via language file
  • fix: few NZB import tweaks [38]
  • new feature: %N and %n variables for NZBPlay path, so now requests like XBMC streaming can be executed [39]
  • new feature: option to clear search history on program exit (setup->Misc #3) (default off) [40]
  • new feature: Hide/Show tabs via popup menu [41]

version 0.26.8

  • fix: alt+f4 in Setup dialog, makes ABZ unusable [42]
  • fix: Save NFO holds file handle [43]
  • fix: open multiple NZBs while alt.binz is not running
  • fix: download & unrar dir not beeing set while importing multiple NZBs while alt.binz is not running
  • new feature: open download/unrar location via right click menu in download queue
  • fix: works [44]
  • fix: IMPORTED prefix works on nzbs out of default nzb dir

version 0.26.7

  • new feature: download threads priority can be changed (setup->Misc #2) (default normal)
  • fix: tray speedbar not correct [45]
  • new feature: rss support for nzbmatrix [46]
  • fix: 'Delete small par2 file' replaced with 'Delete par2 files' in setup->Par2 [47]
  • new feature: NZB size & ETA added to mIRC info (new script & dll is needed) [48]

version 0.26.6

  • fix: redocked tab state not beeing saved when exiting [49]
  • new feature: View header menu item in NLSS & XPAT
  • fix: ETA display format [50]
  • new feature: download speed display modes [51]
  • fix: all Add to queue subitems moved from submenu to parent menu
  • fix: unable to unrar to a certain dirs [52]

version 0.26.5

  • fix: minimize main form without minimizing undocked forms [53]
  • new feature: par2/rar & decoder thread priorites can be changed (setup->Misc #2) (default normal) [54]
  • new feature: Decoding slowdown tweaks (setup->Misc #2) (default 4000 lines, 0 ms) [55]
  • new feature: Drag&drop par2 files is now allowed onto par2 tab [56]
  • fix: NL SS fix

version 0.26.4

  • new feature: state of undocked tab is now saved [57]
  • new feature: option to sort rars while import (setup->nzb2) (default off) [58]
  • fix: nzb autoimport bug introduced in previous version [59]
  • fix: cleanup works on par2 sets without rars

version 0.26.3

  • new feature: Tabs can now be undocked [60]
  • new feature: specify execute command for rss filter [61]
  • new feature: alternate dialog for renaming collection/changing down/unrar dir (setup->UI) (default off)[62]

version 0.26.2

  • fix: No 1st and last char in release name [63]
  • fix: Manual par2 import not working [64]
  • fix: Wrong tab order [65]
  • fix: NZB autoimport bug [66]
  • fix: already existing file is renamed to filename.n.ext (n-incremental number)[67]
  • fix: bug introduced in 0.26.0 Non Yenc articles now work (uuencode, xxencode, base64, plain text)

version 0.26.1

  • new feature: Par2 tab popup menu option to Show only incomplete files [68]
  • fix: Queue size mode bug [69]
  • new feature: Always show tray icon (setup->UI) (default off) [70]
  • fix: Download queue. If no file is visible due to filter, collection node is also hidden [71]
  • new feature: Auto show/hide connection panel [72]
  • new feature: Execute command after par2 check or unrar [73]

version 0.26.0

  • new feature: article in-memory caching system [74] memory cache size (setup->Download #2) (default=0 no caching), save articles that were in cache for more then (setup->Download #2) (default=30)

version 0.25.6

  • fix: Default download dir being deleted if empty [75]
  • new feature: support for new multicore version of par2.exe [76]
  • fix: NLSS works now

version 0.25.5

  • fix: Tray menu item Show Alt.Binz not working [77]
  • new feature: Newzbin file search tab (newzbin username&pass setup->nlss&newzbin)
  • fix: RSS problems with binsearch [78]
  • new feature: rss nick names and favorite groups in BS&Aeton [79]
  • new feature: Direct search results page access on sites that support that [80]
  • new feature: add par2 recovery files as paused if size > xxx (setup->NZB) (default=0) [81]

version 0.25.4

  • fix: small bug preventing language change in setup

version 0.25.3

  • new feature: restore program from tray with single click (setup->UI) (default off) [82]
  • new feature: Binsearch Fetch collection info [83]
  • fix: nzb import bug [84]
  • fix: nzb in utf-8 encoding [85]
  • fix: deleting rars after unrar after repair even after unchecking 'del rars' for collection
  • fix: new language file (setup included)

version 0.25.2

  • fix: NZBPlay function finally sorts the collection in download queue as it should (rar as the first) [86]
  • new feature: ability to start NZBplay in the middle of download if first rar is already downloaded [87]
  • fix: PAR2 set size uses same KB/MB/GB xx decimal places setup as download queue [88]
  • fix: fix for 'combo1' string appearing in Entername dialog [89]
  • fix: Auto Cleanup & AutoShutdown issue [90]
  • new feature: option to add as first to queue [91]

version 0.25.1

  • new feature: COOKIE support for RSS * new feature: support for [92]
  • new feature: update to Newzleech tab to reflect current state [93]
  • new feature: Newzleech Fetch collection info [94]
  • new feature: skip file if already exists in download folder (setup->download) (default on) [95]
  • new feature: New popup menu item in download queue - ETA on selected

version 0.25.0

  • fix: minor language bugs
  • last public release

version 0.24.11

  • fix: 6th version of language file (few addons but mostly fixes)
  • fix: Tab names cannot be edited via Setup

version 0.24.10

  • fix: nzb can be tagged for unraring even if unrar is not enabled
  • fix: not a single option in setup requires restart, there are however few options in setup->connection that require download threads restart(disconnect/reconnect)
  • fix: par2 checking works properly now(bug from 0.24.9)
  • new feature: Vista UAC compatibility
  • fix: close alt.binz method via shutdown button not working in Vista
  • fix: RSS tree is now saved at the same time as download queue
  • fix: 5th version of language file

version 0.24.9

  • new feature: autopush RSS Timer button (setup->Misc) (default off)
  • new feature: RSS tree is now saved on exit
  • new feature: option to toggle 'delete rar files after unraring' via popup menu @ Download queue
  • fix: fix for some crappy .za IS server

version 0.24.8

  • new feature: option to import nfo file as paused (setup->NZB) (default off)
  • new feature: donate button
  • fix: few fixes while importing packed nzbs
  • fix: fixed problems with translation on statusbar & Tabs
  • fix: 4th version of language file

version 0.24.7

  • fix: problems with some zip files
  • fix: problems with ClearType enabled
  • fix: problems with progressbar while manual unraring
  • new feature: nzb files can be imported from gzip files (.gz)
  • new feature: nzb files can be imported from rar files (.rar)
  • new feature: language is changed via setup (setup->User interface), all language files go to lang dir
  • fix: 3rd version of language file to translate

version 0.24.6

  • new feature: nzb files can be imported from zip files
  • new feature: unrar can be manually started
  • new feature: option to play sound on finished download (Setup->Misc #2) (default off)
  • fix: 2nd version of language files to translate
  • new feature: ability to change key shortcuts for popup menu items via language file

version 0.24.5

  • fix: few bugs introduced in previous version
  • new feature: first version of language file (in order to change language put appropriate file in ..misc dir (for english no need to do that)

version 0.24.4

  • new feature: Notes form for writing quick notes on what to download or whatever :)
  • new feature: Move various files from download dir to unrar dir after unrar (Setup->Unrar)
  • fix: Not saving queue & par2 info during windows shutdown

version 0.24.3

  • fix: access violation while changing scheduler
  • fix: unrar/par2 thread stuck while processing passworded archive with encrypted filenames and no password
  • fix: connect via socks proxy
  • fix: various NLSS improvements (retention/status/categories/filters)
  • new feature: few additions to NFO viewer (Font, wordwrap)
  • new feature: ability to play media files while downloading them (NZB play) (setup->NZB Play). I recommend using KMPlayer or VLC Player (beta stage, you need to sort rars yourself rar, r00, r01...)
  • new feature: Tray balloon hints on complete download (setup->User Interface) (default on)
  • new feature: ability to stop par2 repairing process
  • new feature: sort nzb by subject while importing (Setup->NZB #2) (default on)
  • new feature: move sfv file in front of the queue (Setup->NZB #2) (default off)

version 0.24.2

  • fix: Newzleech fix
  • new feature: RSS tab
  • new feature: New 'Shutdown method' - close Alt.Binz
  • fix: queue gone when program is restarted but items in queue need decoding
  • fix: add thread not working
  • new feature: in entername dialog, first key DOWN will be detected rls name
  • new feature: Release name checkbox in RSS tab (if checked when on timer rls name will be used if detected)
  • new feature: in addition to F2/F3 to switch to prev/next tab, shortcuts shift* new feature: ctrl* new feature: tab/ctrl* new feature: tab are added
  • fix: combobox instead of editbox in Entername dialog
  • new feature: Release name as default in Entername dialog setup->misc (default=on)
  • new feature: History button in Entername dialog to select one of the previous 10 used names
  • new feature: RSS support for
  • new feature: RSS support for
  • new feature: option to display speed in tray setup->UserInterface (default on)
  • new feature: option to merge collections in download queue with same name on import setup->nzb (default on)
  • - TvNZB tab is gone (replaced by RSS tab)
  • fix: possible solution for avp decoding problems
  • fix: download dir when splitting files * new feature: no more 'x' appended
  • new feature: values for MainToolbarButton width & height can now be edited via cfg file
  • fix: few improvements in detecting rls name
  • fix: Newzleech->Browse button does not take search string
  • new feature: NFO form centered property can now be toggled via right click menu
  • fix: much more user-friendly selection (no need to select text of main column)
  • fix: log tab improvements (scrolling, colors)
  • new feature: Global search button on main toolbar

version 0.24.1

  • fix: fixed problem with decoding files >2gb
  • new feature: option to choose size format for NZB in download queue
  • new feature: option to choose size format for Queue size in Statusbar
  • new feature: option to choose location of temporary folder (setup->Misc)
  • new feature: Zune theme active
  • fix: fixed not repairing par2 set when all files in nzb node were unpaused
  • new feature: unrar, repair progress
  • new feature: 15 sec abort dialog before going to sleep/shutdown
  • new feature: setting unrar dir for every nzb
  • fix: fix for yenc decoding corruption on some posts
  • fix: wrong progress on unraring large files (>4gb)
  • new feature: temp directory cleanup
  • new feature: shift key when pressing 'NZB' button imports nzb in paused state
  • new feature: drag&drop nzb files to download queue (shift key-paused)
  • new feature: download folder button on main toolbar
  • new feature: customizable Main Toolbar (right click on main toolbar)
  • new feature: options to rearrange tabs via drag'n'drop
  • new feature: Explorer tab
  • fix: various fixes on search engines output results
  • new feature: ok/cancel buttons in nzbname/rarpass dialog
  • fix: unrar dir & nonstandard chars
  • fix: NLSS age when not in CET timezone
  • fix: fixed par2.exe so it should recognize all available blocks
  • fix: Binsearch fix
  • fix: uppercase incomplete files
  • new feature: correct part offset for incomplete files (option - default off)
  • new feature: command line switch '-mi' to run multiple instances
  • fix: speed limit not working when adding new thread
  • new feature: dialogs for closing program and deleting files from download queue
  • fix: NZBindex fixed
  • new feature: download history list (setup->download->keep download history for last xx days) (0 = disabled) (default = 0)
  • new feature: delete empty folder after successful unraring (setup->unrar) (default off)
  • new feature: built in NFO viewer * new feature: nfo support for Newzleech and Binsearch
  • new feature: option to move nfo file inf front of the queue (setup->NZB) (default off)
  • new feature: option to import as paused already downloaded articles (setup->download) (default off)
  • new feature: dbl click on header columns separator->autofit to column data
  • fix: temp dir can be changed while running(old dir is used for already started files, new one for rest)
  • fix: pause if free space variable can now be changed while running (0 to disable)
  • fix: few fixes regarding behavior on low free space
  • new feature: filter boxes in all search engines tabs
  • new feature: include/exclude toggle for filtering subjects
  • new feature: option to save viewed nfo files (setup->misc #2) (default on)
  • new feature: hold shift while pressing search button in NLSS enables continuous retry mode
  • new feature: Cleanup download queue and par2 list button * new feature: autocleanup every x minutes option (setup->misc) (0=disabled) (default=0)
  • fix: It's now possible to set download dir & unrar dir for single tvnzb filter ( match_string | A or D | download_dir | unrar_dir ) Any or both of last two parameters can be omitted in which case default value is set
  • fix: download and unrar folders that were set in Entername dialog were not used
  • fix: 'x' is not appended anymore to NZB name in download queue
  • new feature: aEton search engine support (with browsing group and nfo view option)
  • new feature: browsing group in Binsearch tab
  • fix: importing NZB while alt.binz was not running resulting in no files decoding
  • fix: some nfos not displayed properly
  • new feature: NLSS collection mode for best results combine mode1&mode2
  • new feature: selecting nfo text with mouse->clipboard
  • fix: nfo column in binsearch, aeton & newzleech
  • fix: different log handling (logs go to \log and are created day by day) Please recheck log settings. Old log file can safely be deleted (not used anymore)
  • new feature: different shades for collections in various tabs
  • new feature: F9 - shortcut for show/hide connections panel
  • fix: no more autoscroll when expanding in download queue & NLSS
  • fix: NLSS maximum age is now 140 days
  • fix: small visual improvements
  • fix: drag&drop nzb import not working
  • new feature: alternative port [23] for NLSS
  • fix: filters in all search tabs are now permanent(no need to apply them again after new search)
  • new feature: ESC key to close nfo viewer
  • new feature: "-minimize" cmdline switch to start as minimized
  • new feature: "-tray" cmdline switch to start as minimized in tray
  • new feature: NLSS timeout option setup->nlss (default 20 sec)

version 0.24.0

  • fix: fixed filename problem with uuencoded articles
  • fix: fixed speedgraph incompatibility with running alt.binz under wine/linux
  • new feature: new looks (o2k3blue,o2k3silver,02k3olive,XP) - right click on main toolbar
  • new feature: option to create new folder while browsing for folder
  • new feature: additional par2&unrar processing log messages
  • new feature: mouse selection possible in search tabs
  • fix: if no valid download&nzb dir, new ones are created&used inside alt.binz dir
  • fix: Yabse fixed
  • fix: sorting by age fixed
  • fix: fixed bug with selecting multiple speed limits
  • new feature: dbl click on transfered bytes panel cycles displaying bytes in MB->GB->TB
  • fix: file *.001 is checked and if rar file - it's added to unrar list
  • fix: fixed some files imported as paused
  • fix: limit before and after scheduler
  • fix: optimized download queue, nlss ageing
  • new feature: option to age xpat result list every minute(default on)
  • fix: major memory leak when using nl ss
  • new feature: column sort/direction in nlss&xpat is now remembered between sessions
  • new feature: theme is saved
  • fix: window position in non maximized mode with toolbar in left or top
  • fix: fix for problems with tvnzbfiltersmemo
  • fix: possible fix for corrupt articles on certain computers
  • fix: updated links/new version check
  • new feature: SSL support
  • new feature: server property to select group before downloading

version 0.23.2

  • new feature: download threads can now be added, enabled or disabled while connected
  • new feature: option to auto age files in NLSS list every minute
  • new feature: http proxy for search engines
  • new feature: handling 502 response same as 423,430
  • new feature: mirc dll for diplaying infos and controlling basic operations via irc (abzmirc.dll&abz.mrc to mirc dir and then load abz.mrc script into mirc remote script window)
  • new feature: option to add password which will be used for unraring of nzb files
  • fix: fixed par2 thread hanging due to some unusual par2 files
  • fix: ask to overwrite existing nzb file
  • fix: handling of both Newzbin v2 & v3 nzb naming
  • new feature: option to overwrite files during unraring
  • new feature: option to delete *.md5 files after unraring
  • new feature: option to export to nzb when adding files from NLSS to queue
  • fix: few bugs related to root node size

version 0.23.1

  • fix: fixed throttler
  • fix: fixed few bugs resulting in not downloading file parts
  • new feature: status icon for files which parts will be downloaded later due to 430 article not found and retry delay and count being set

version 0.23.0

  • fix: fixed not deleting nzb after import
  • fix: unpausing after low free space fixed
  • fix: fixed NLSS, all types work now * new feature: search up to 99 days
  • fix: fixed problem with (not)importing nzb (nzbmatrix...)
  • fix: cpu usage improvement
  • fix: fixed unable to connect to some servers
  • new feature: search support
  • new feature: search support
  • new feature: socks proxy 4/4a/5 support
  • fix: fixed threads shown speed
  • new feature: Autoshutdown button
  • new feature: XML status file
  • new feature: button shortcuts on various search tabs
  • fix: tvnzb filters display