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What is Alt.Binz?

It's a binary newsreader.

What should I use Alt.Binz for?

You can use Alt.Binz to download from newsgroups with NZBs. It has capabilities to download NZBs from usenet search engines, Newsleecher's Super Search, as well as RSS feeds.

Downloads can be scheduled, autopared as well as autounrared (with the option to delete the archives after unrar) to a folder of your choice. It can also automatically import NZBs from a specified folder.

How do i install Alt.Binz

Installing Alt.Binz is very easy: Just create a directory where you want it to run, extract it there and run it. it will create all necessary files and folders after starting the .exe

Note for Vista users: It is better to install Alt.Binz outside of "Program Files" and you have to turn UAC off eventually.

What is an NZB?

An NZB is an XML-based file for retrieving posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers. The format was conceived by the developers of the Usenet Index. NZB is effective when used with search-capable websites. These websites create NZB files out of what is needed to be downloaded. Using this concept, headers are not be downloaded hence the NZB method is quicker and more bandwidth-efficient.

Each Usenet message has a unique identifier called the "Message ID". When a somewhat large file is posted to a Usenet newsgroup, it is usually divided into multiple messages (called segments or parts) each having its own Message-ID. An NZB file is a collection of Message IDs of the files for which the NZB has been made. These message IDs are combined in a text file with the extension .nzb. IF you have this .nzb file, you can import it to Alt.Binz and start downloading at once.

How do I get the latest version?

Alt.Binz is freeware up to version 0.25.0, beyond that you must donate (click donate in the program, or on the web site) in order to receive the latest versions, once you donate you should be given access to the daily builds forum where a link will be posted for the latest version.

What is an Rdl?

Answers on a postcard, please. :)

What are the system requirements?

A computer, a pulse and a few brain cells. Although Alt.Binz is so easy to use, even the pulse may be optional.

How does Alt.Binz calculate different download speeds?

1MB/s = 1024 KB/s = 1024*1024*8 bits per second = (1024*1024*8)/1000 Kb/s = (1024*1024*8)/1000000 Mb/s

How does Alt.Binz handle NZB importing?

Since version 0.26.9: NZB from search engines ends up in default_nzb_dir. Imported NZB file stays where it was and isn't copied or moved to default_nzb_dir unless it was extracted from one of the supported type of archives. Then archive is deleted if you have 'Delete NZB after import' option checked and NZB is moved to default_nzb_dir. NZBs in autoimport folder are moved to default_nzb_dir. Archives from autoimport folder that contain NZB files are deleted after extraction & extracted NZB file is moved to default_nzb_folder.

After the NZB is imported, 'IMPORTED' prefix is added to the NZB file if you have that option checked & NZB is deleted if you have 'Delete NZB after import'.

How do I backup my settings/ move installation on another computer/ restore everything as it was after OS reinstall

You have to backup altbinz folder. The EXE file & all settings are in there. No information is kept in the registry. SO all you have to do is to copy that folder to another computer or another OS installation.

I have problems or questions

Take a look at this: