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  • Icons:
Connect button.png Connect: Connects/disconnects you to/from your server
Pause button.png Pause: Pauses your download (Note: scheduler overrides this)
Nzb button.png Import NZB: Import a NZB from a folder.
Download button.png Download: Opens your default download folder.
Cleanup button.png Cleanup: Deletes all 100% NZBs from the queue and all green PAR2 sets from the PAR2 tab.
Search button.png Search: Global Search. Choose the Search engines to search with
Scheduler button.png Scheduler: Click to activate scheduler (to set it go to Setup -> Scheduler) Note: An active scheduler overrides some settings: Pause (button), Connect (button) and download speed limit.
Shutdown button.png Shutdown: When all Tasks are finished, Alt.Binz will execute chosen shutdown method (Setup -> Miscellaneous #2)
Setup button.png Setup: Click to open setup menu (see Setup).
Site button.png Site: Opens Alt.Binz homepage.
Forum button.png Forum: Opens Alt.Binz forum.
Notes button.png Note: Click to leave some notes.
About button.png About: Infos about Alt.Binz
Version button.png Version: Click to see if there is a newer Version. (Button text changes to 'Current' or new version number, example: '0.26.5')
Donate button.png Donate: Click to see what you can get with your donation

  • With a rightclick on free space, you can hide/enable buttons, hide/enable button text or change layout
  • Some Themes:

Abzblue.PNG Abzolive.PNG Abzsilver.PNG Abzzune.PNG

Connection Panel

  • You can see what each of your Connections does by clicking on Verbindanaus.PNG in the bottom right corner
  • The Connection panel has 5 columns:
    • #: Shows Number of thread
    • Status: Speed of thread
    • Action: Action of thread (Downloading / Idle / Connecting / Disabled / Connected)
    • Description: Article / Failure number
    • Server: your usenet server
  • You can disable / enable or adding new threads with a rightclick


  • statusbar shows the current status from Alt.Binz.
  • You can hide/enable them by rightclicking on the unused space.
  • Explanations from left to right:
    • Nolimit.PNG Limit: You can throttle your download here. (left click). You can choose between 0 and 100%. Don’t forget to set your max. download speed (Setup -> Connection). Note: Scheduler overwrites this setting.
    • Speedgr.PNG Current Speed/Speed Graph: You can see your download speed at the moment here. In the graph on the right you can see your speed in the last 2 min. the green horizontal line shows your speedlimit
    • Downloaded.PNG Queue size: Size of complete queue (dblclick to change display (KB - MB -GB))
    • Eta.PNG ETA: You can see here how long it will take until all downloads are finished. If you choose "eta on selected" you can see it here in blue.
    • Downloaded.PNG Transfered Bytes: You can see here how many you’ve downloaded. (dblclick to change display (KB - MB -GB), right click to reset)
    • Free.PNG Free Space: Shows to you how many free space is left on drive your default download dir is located.

Tab: Download Queue

  • All NZBs you want to download are in the download queue.
  • NZB display is divided in: Status, Parts, Size, Subject, Poster, Age, Group, Download folder, Unrar and Execute.In the column Unrar you can see the rar symbol Unrar.PNG and the unrar folder if unrar is activated.In the column Parts you can see how many parts your NZB has. For example "49f/7p" means the NZB contains 49 parts and 7 repair files (PAR2 files).
  • Icons:
    • Unpause.PNG Unpause: Click to unpause the marked NZB(s).
    • Pause.PNG Pause: Click to pause the marked NZB(s).
    • Movetotop.PNG Move selected to top: Moves selected NZB(s) in front of the queue.
    • Moveup.PNGMove selected up: Moves selected NZB(s) one position up.
    • Movedown.PNG Move selected down: Moves selected NZB(s) one position down.
    • Movetobottom.PNG Move selected to bottom: Moves selected NZB(s) to the bottom of the queue..
    • Join.PNG Join: Joins selected NZBs to only one NZB.
    • Split.PNG Split: Splits selected files from one NZB to a new one.
    • Collall.PNG Collapse all: Hides all files from all NZBs, only NZBs are now visible
    • Expall.PNG Expand all: Shows all files from all NZBs.
    • Rename.PNG Rename group name: Click to rename a NZB.
    • Nzbexp.PNG Export to NZB: Exports the selected NZB as a file to your default NZB folder.
    • Dlord.PNG Change download folder: Changes the download folder for all selected NZBs.
    • Nzbplay.PNG Play: Plays the selected NZB if possible (please look at Setup->NZBplay for detailed infos).
    • Command.PNG Execute Command: Click to Set a command, which will be executed after download/checking/unraring. You can see the command in the execute column
    • Unrar.PNG Unrar: Click to activate unraring for the selected NZBs. (target is your default download folder or folder you set the nzb to unrar to)
    • Notunrar.PNG Do not Unrar: Click to deactivate unraring for the selected NZBs.
    • Passw.PNG Set password: If a NZB needs a password to unrar, then you can set it with this option.
    • Unrardir.PNG Change unrar folder: Click to change the unrar folder.
    • Filter.PNG Filter: You can filter subjects including/excluding (press the green plus to toggle) the word you type into the field.
    • Plus.PNG/Minus.PNG expand/collapse: Here you can expand/collapse a NZB.
  • All options can also be chosen with a right click on one or more NZB(s).
  • Additional options with right click:
    • ETA on selected: Eta for selected NZB will be shown in statusbar on the bottom for ca. 3sec
    • Delete archives after unraring Toggles deleting after unraring for selected NZBs (overwrites setting in setup->unrar, for selected NZBs))
    • Toolbar visible: Hide/Show toolbar in download queue

Tab: PAR2

  • Unrar
    • You can see the unrar target here. The different icons stand for:
    • Winrarmp2.png This icon means that PAR2 set is marked for future unraring.
    • Winrarinprogressgs9.png Unraring of all rar sets from PAR2 set in progress.
    • Winrarfailwz2.png At least one of rar sets from PAR2 set failed unraring (damaged archive, file already exists...)
    • Winrarokbs9.png All rar sets from PAR2 set are successfully unrared.
  • Blocks
    • The first number shows the current number of blocks from the PAR2 Set. The second number is the needed number of blocks for this set.
  • Par2 Set
    • The name of the Set. The different icons stand for:
    • Par2oq4.png PAR2 set is incomplete (not enough blocks)
    • Torepairvv7.png PAR2 set is incomplete, but there are enough recovery blocks to repair it.
    • Repairingls6.png Repairing of PAR2 set in progress
    • Okiu8.png PAR2 set is checked & ok. Unraring will start shortly or is already finished.
    • Failedlm3.png Repairing of PAR2 set failed (99% par2.exe did not find enough blocks, Alt.Binz is able to detect more blocks then par2.exe. Either download manually a few more blocks, or repair with QuickPar. Check the log for the reason why the repair failed)
  • Progress
    • You can see the Progress here:
    • If the PAR2 Icon is red Par2oq4.png then you can't see anything there.
    • Check.PNG Repair will start in a few minutes.
    • Repairing.PNG Repair is in progress.
    • Repsuccess.PNG Repairing is done, Alt.Binz prepares for unraring
    • Unrar100.PNG Everything went fine. Your download is complete.
    • Note: If the file is big it can take some time to repair und unrar!

Tab: Log

  • All relevant infos what Alt.Binz does can be found here. If you have problems with Alt.Binz don't forget to copy needed lines to your bug report.
  • You can set options for logging under Setup -> Log

Tab: Newsgroups

  • This tab is only for selecting groups for XPAT search.
  • This is not header downloading!