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Follow these steps to get the Alt.binz mIRC script (0.4) working for version 0.26.7 and up. The latest public version is 0.3.1 which still works for Alt.binz up to version 0.26.6.

Install the mIRC script

mIRC showing script output in #alt.binz
  • Extract the files to the mIRC folder. Default is "C:\Program Files\mIRC\".
  • Start mIRC when it isn't started yet.
  • Enter the following command in any windows: "/load -rs abz.mrc". This only works when abz.mrc is located in the root mIRC folder. Otherwise add the path to the command.
  • When the the script is loaded, a messagebox will appear asking whether you want to run initialization commands - click "Yes".

Configuring the mIRC script

  • When you have chosen to run the initialization commands, the script's configuration dialog wil appear.
    mIRC Script configuration dialog with sample output at the bottom
  • In the "Shown" group box you can select which information you want the script to show.
  • In the "Order" group box you can reorder the items to place them on a different position in the script's output. To change the order, select the item you wish to reorder. Then use the "+" and "-" to move the item up or down.
  • In the "Data Format" group box you can change the color of the different items. Select the item in the "Data" drop down list and then choose the color in the "Color" drop down list. You can also set to show the item bold or underlined by checking the checkboxes. When you are ready setting the item, click set.
  • In the "Other" group box you can change whether to show the version label or not. Futhermore you can change the separator and the wrappers.

Using the mIRC script

  • When in a channel, click the right mouse button. A context menu will appear. Point to the Alt.Binz submenu and click the desired command. By clicking info, the Alt.Binz statistics will be shown in the channel.

Removing the mIRC script

  • Unload the script by entering "/unload -rs abz.mrc" in any window.
  • Go to the mIRC folder and delete "abz.mrc", "abzmirc.dll" and "abz.ini".

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