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I cannot connect to my server

  • Make sure you have set everything right in setup->server
  • Make sure username and password are correct
  • Don't forget to press "apply" after you cnhages settings and then reconnect

My files are stuck with status "decoding". What can i do?

  • Your files are probably stuck there because the whole path is too long (that is a Windows restriction)
  • There should be an error message in your log telling that
  • Solution and how to avoid that:
    • Change the download path from that collection to a shorter one (e.g: c:\Download) and restart Alt.Binz
    • Decoding should start now
    • Avoid long NZB names and use a shorter path for your default download location like c:\download

I want to download from Usenet using my ISP's usenet sever and it doesn't work

  • You probably have an error message like "Status code: 430: No such article" in your log
  • Try the solution from the next part and if that doesn't help, your ISP probably doesn't carry binaries
  • You find some payservers in our forum here:

My Provider does carry binaries but I can't download them with Alt.Binz

  • You probably have an error message in your log like "Status code:412" or "Status code: 0"
  • Solution:
    • Try playing with "Select group" and "ARTICLE cmd" settings in Setup->Server
    • Don't forget to press "Apply"
    • Reconnect to your server

I can't download headers with Alt.Binz and can only see the groups

  • That is correct ;)
  • Solution:
    • you can select a group in almost every search tab and press browse or search for "*"