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CPU utilization pegs at 100% decoding...
« on: March 23, 2007, 05:49:26 AM »
discussion from the EFNet channel pasted below so I don't have to retype it  8)

<therealjo> I'm finding with the 16.03.2007 daily build that processor utilization pegs at 100% a lot, it seems that the decoder falls behind the downloader, and this brings the rest of the system to its knees while things catch up.  Anyone else see this?
<addsub> I'm not on that version anymore, but I never saw that
<therealjo> when it happens, if I pause the downloader and leave it alone for a while, the cpu settles down, then if I resume, often it will kick back to 100% in a while
<therealjo> when I check the temp download directory there are a lot of temp file segments waiting to be decoded, I can watch them disappear when the cpu settles down
<disc0rd> yeah i had that bug too
<disc0rd> now it just "crashes" or stops responding every so often so i have to watch it

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