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RSS, the next step
« on: May 06, 2011, 11:16:07 AM »
a thing or two I'd like to see added to the rss system

a new filter option:
"A", queues a match
"D", filters it out...
what about "P" (for 'paused') ... as in, queue the matched item in a paused state.

I'm aware of the pause button in the rss system that queues everything in a paused state.
That's not what I'm asking, I'd like to have specific matches queued as paused, while most of the matches are queued to download.

ie. I wanna grab my regular shows, but I'd like to have some stuff like daily show or colbert report etc queued in a paused state. since I mostly dont have time to watch those; I would only manually unpause them when I actually do.
or.... ie2. one could put a filter at the very bottom: hdtv.xvid | P <---- and the xvid matches would queue but not download 'just in case' the 720p rip was not made for this episode which happens often in .ca .au and .uk shows.
(...and on the flip side - just to accomodate those that do use the previously mentioned 'global' pause button, they might like to have yet another option ie, 'F' for force?, that circumvents the global pause and queues the matched items in a normal state)

Basically what I'm saying is that a global pause option is too .... global! ;)

ALSO: per this user's request:
that could be accomodated via yet another filter option that 'ignores' speed limits (and/or speed scheduler). ... tho I'm sure this particular one would be a headache to implement cause it is a bigger design change ;)

p.s. you might accomodate these additions by allowing multiple 'options' in the filter lines,
ie: ** | AP <-- would queue something paused.
** | AL <-- would queue to download and ignore the speed limit for this entry.
** | AF <-- would queue to download even when the user has the global paused setting enabled
or ALF, or ALP...
etc etc. (ofcourse the 'D' option is mutually exclusive to A)

an aesthetics change: (or is it?)
At the moment, on the rss feed list rows start with a pink background, and rows that match an 'A' line have a green background.
Could rows that match a 'D' filter line had a red background?
How about a toggle at the top to show/hide 'D' matches entirely? (so you could have a quick glance at 'new' stuff, or stuff your filters don't account for)

a small fix:
The help comments that existed in the original 'empty' filter from way back may get lost if the user deletes that rss grouping. figure out a place to put those help comments somewhere so they can't be lost. (ie a help button in the filters?)

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Re: RSS, the next step
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2011, 11:36:31 AM »
A(F)(P)(R) implemented.
F - overrides global rss feed settings and adds collection as first
P - overrides global rss feed settings and adds collection as paused
R - overrides global rss feed settings and tries to guess collection name

Rest of the request (ignoring limits, overriding global pause) is complicating things and I'm not willing to do them.

Aesthetics - it's redish not pink :) You will be able to change those via skin file in the near future

Help - done. More detailed help is available within program.