Author Topic: Search now seperate settings file need more Global search and dropdown increase!  (Read 6114 times)

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3.97 I see in misc folder now the search engines eac have their own setting EngineSearch_tab.abz. Actualy I closed altbinz as normal to delet to add more space again for more searches.

I haven't tried downloading and need backup first. Does this mean that now is possible to have these increase to any limit user needs (no limit) and can be code so this is the case. As you now was a previous isssue and still I need to close and restart to delete so can ad more searches. The searches I delete I still need for searching next time, also there so not to forget to search for them. Mainly tv episode name searches but also many more.

Use Interface #2
Global Search History Limit [max atm is 100 needing unlimited]
Global Search Dropdown Limit [max atm is 45 needing unlimited]

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I've raised the limit for both to 1000.