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0.36.0: autoimport nzb
« on: February 27, 2011, 07:52:48 PM »
I tested the autoimport nzb and came across the following (possible) bug:
- I switched on the autoimport nzb in the setup and I specified the folder that I put the nzb files (c:\download\nzb)
- This worked fine. It auto imported the nzb files when altbinz was started (it did not do it while it was running). I did delete the nzb files, although I had the delete nzb button unchecked (although I didn't mind).
- Now I switched off the autoimport function in the setup. This way I could put nzb files in the folder and open them manually.
- However, when I restarted altbinz, it still autoimported the nzb files from that directory. I could see in setup that that directory was still written in the folder area, however the box for autoimport was 100% sure unchecked.
- I tested it a couple of more times and it continues to behave that way.

I now think that the problem I reported a few days ago, where the program was taking forever to start, might have had to do something with this. I think that perhaps it was indeed scanning through the directories, even though autoimport was switched off.

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Re: 0.36.0: autoimport nzb
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