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Unpause if sufficient space
« on: May 15, 2016, 06:15:35 PM »
The feature to pause downloads if free space is below a threshold is good but on very large queues problematic:
abz often lags behind with par2ing and unraring so while downloading you could come below the threshold (because par2ing and unraring and deleting on the download drive can't keep up).
But then after some time (minutes to hour) there will be plenty of space again after unraring and deleting archives is done.
In that case abz should automatically unpause again and continue downloads.

As an extra feature it might under some circumstances be necessary that abz keep loading par2 files even if below threshold. Currently the pause queue pauses everything. But to finish the par2 process, unrar and delete it might be necessary to download par2 files.

The best solution therefore imho would be 3 boundaries:

* one lower bounday like we have already which is the absolute limit when nothing is loaded anymore, as an example set to 2 GB
* one lower boundary where abz stops all downloads except par2 files, let's say set to 5 GB
* one upper boundary where abz unpauses again if at paused state, let's say 10 GB

What might also be necessary is to differentiate between a manual pause and an automatic one. If manually paused I probably wouldn't want abz to unpause if I make some free space on the HDD and have it automatically start loading (I could live without that though, normally I disconnect anyway if I don't want to start my downloads just yet).